Avs Development Camp Day Two Compilation

Boikov skated well yesterday, but was exceptional today. He was the first of the blue roster to get the mohawk turn and he got it right away. Not only was he able to do it right away, he made it look easy. Put together with his strong showing from yesterday, Boikov also showed exceptional edge-work on his skates, abilities to make very tight turns and some surprisingly soft hands. I still want to see him in more in-game situations, but his skating was astonishingly good. With technique and fundamentals that good, you can make up for some other deficiencies.
— Kevin Goff, The Burgundy Brigade
#51 Boikov: I want to be friends with Boikov. Any time he scored a goal today, he let out a “woo!” and did a small celly. It’s very easy to tell that he loves the game and was having a blast today. The smile didn’t leave his face the whole time, and he brought a really fun vibe to the morning session.
— Andi Duroux,