Avs Development Camp Day One Compilation

Rantanen stood out to me among the group as an already natural skater with the highest potential ceiling. His straightaway speed was impressive, but his stopping and turning ability were perhaps more so. Bleackley, generally considered a very average skater, received a lot personal instruction throughout the session, tweaking both his stride and arm movements.
— Ryan Murphy, Mile High Hockey
#49 Conner Bleackley: He has a refined shot and at least decent skating. Even though nothing really screamed “look at me!”, he netted a few goals with a sneaky and accurate release and got progressively better as the skating drills went on. When he was working with Foote one-on-one, he fell over backwards, indicating that he was pushing himself and breaking away from his comfort zone. He’s going to be a very solid 3rd liner for the Avs some day.
— Andi Duroux,