Avs Prospect Signing Tracker (updated)

Addition:  Andreas Martinsen

Player Team League Status
CHL (June 1, 2015)
Mason Geertsen VAN WHL 3-YR ELC 03/24/15
Europe (July 1, 2015)
Jonas Holos LOK KHL
AHL (July 1, 2015)
Joey Leach LE AHL
Daniel Maggio LE AHL
Reid Petryk FTW ECHL
Kenny Ryan LE AHL
Michael Schumacher LE AHL
Ben Youds LE AHL
NHL (Two-Way/ELC -- July 1, 2015)
Andrew Agozzino LE AHL RFA
Sami Aittokallio LE AHL RFA
Mat Clark LE AHL RFA
Stefan Elliott LE AHL RFA
Bruno Gervais LE AHL UFA
Freddie Hamilton LE AHL RFA
Mitchell Heard LE AHL RFA
Joey Hishon LE AHL RFA
Markus Lauridsen LE AHL RFA
Calvin Pickard LE AHL RFA
Tomas Vincour LE AHL RFA
Other Signings
Andreas Martinsen DEG DEL 1-YR ELC 05/15/15

From Cleveland to San Antonio

Since the Lake Erie Monsters entered the American Hockey League in the fall of 2007, they have been tied at the hip to the Colorado Avalanche. Rumors have persisted for months that the Avs, like many NHL clubs, were looking to have an affiliate closer to home. Since the Avalanche do not own the Monsters, the likely scenario would be to purchase another AHL franchise and move the club. That may still happen in the future, but for now, Colorado has opted for a different arrangement.

News broke on Thursday evening that the Lake Erie Monsters would begin a new affiliation with the Columbus Blue Jackets starting this fall. The arrangement makes sense from both a financial and logistical stand point. It's not uncommon for AHL affiliations to change like musical chairs and these recent movements do not dispel that notion. 

The Arizona Coyotes announced a new affiliation on Thursday with the Springfield Falcons. Springfield had previously been the AHL feeder team for Columbus. Arizona had previously partnered with the Portland Pirates, who will now begin a new journey with the Florida Panthers. 

That left the San Antonio Rampage, who had been affiliated with the Florida Panthers for the past few seasons, without a dance partner. That is, until today...

The Colorado Avalanche, as is well known by now, has announced a five-year affiliation agreement with the San Antonio Rampage. Beginning this fall, several Avalanche prospects will be crafting their games in the Alamo City. 

Dean Chynoweth, who is currently coaching the Lake Erie Monsters, will coach the Rampage next season (barring an off-season change). Craig Billington, the Avs assistant general manager, will be in charge of personnel for the Rampage.

Players contracted to the Avalanche will move from Cleveland to San Antonio next season. Minor league contracts are typically for one year. Stalwarts such as Joey HIshon, Sami Aittokallio, Calvin PIckard, Stefan Elliott, and Andrew Agozzino are all restricted free-agents come July 1st.

Patrick Roy has stated on many occasions on his weekly radio program the importance of success at both the NHL and minor league level. The Lake Erie Monsters only made the playoffs one season while affiliated with the Avalanche. The organization will strive to have the Rampage be more successful. That will start with the draft and will hopefully trickle throughout the organization.

For next season, the Rampage roster will have some familiar and new faces. The Avs will likely retain many of their RFAs, though the goaltending quagmire will be of interest this offseason. As can be seen from the list below, the Rampage will have plenty of defensive depth.

Two-Way Contracts
Mason Geertsen D
Chris Bigras D
Borna Rendulic RW
Dennis Everberg C/LW
Ben Street C
Colin Smith C
Spencer Martin G
Troy Bourke C/LW
Garrett Meurs C
Maxim Noreau D
Cody Corbett D
Trevor Cheek LW
Gabriel Beaupre D
Samuel Henley LW
Roman Will G
Duncan Siemens D

The ride with the Lake Erie Monsters has been a roller-coaster. Certainly the Avalanche could have done more for the great fans in Cleveland. Here's hoping their new pact with the Columbus Blue Jackets proves to be fruitful and that the Avalanche can obtain that much needed success with their new partner.

Friday Scoreboard (April 11, 2015)

Player Team Opp. G A TP P/M PIM Result
OHL Playoffs Second Round
Kyle Wood NB BAR 0 1 1 1 0 L, 2-3
QMJHL Playoffs Second Round
Alexis Pepin VDO BAC 0 0 0 -1 4 2OTL, 2-3


Barrie leads North Bay in the series 1-0.

Baie-Comeau leads Val-d'Or in the series 1-0.

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Sunday Scoreboard (April 5, 2015)

Player Team Opp. G A TP P/M PIM Result
OHL Playoffs First Round
Nick Magyar KIT LDN 0 0 0 -1 0 L, 0-5
QMJHL Playoffs First Round
Julien Nantel ROU VDO 1 0 1 -3 0 L, 2-9
Alexis Pepin VDO ROU 1 0 1 1 2 W, 9-2


London wins series over Kitchener 4-2.

Val-d'Or wins series over Rouyn-Noranda 4-2.

Saturday Scoreboard (April 4, 2015)

Player Team Opp. G A TP P/M PIM Result
OHL Playoffs First Round
Chris Bigras OS GUE 0 0 0 1 0 L, 1-2
WHL Playoffs First Round
Conner Bleackley RD MH 0 1 1 -1 0 L, 3-4


Guelph beats Owen Sound in series 4-1.

Medicine Hat beats Red Deer in series 4-1.

Friday Scoreboard (April 3, 2015)

Player Team Opp. G A TP P/M PIM Result
OHL Playoffs First Round
Nick Magyar KIT LDN 0 1 1 -1 0 W, 6-3
QMJHL Playoffs First Round
Julien Nantel ROU VDO 0 0 0 -1 2 OTL, 4-5
Alexis Pepin VDO ROU 0 0 0 0 7 OTW, 5-4

London leads Kitchener in series 3-2.

Val-d'Or leads Rouyn-Noranda in series 3-2.

Thursday Scoreboard (April 2, 2015)

Player Team Opp. G A TP P/M PIM Result
OHL Playoffs First Round
Kyle Wood NB KGN 0 0 0 1 0 W, 3-1
Nick Magyar KIT LDN 0 1 1 2 2 W, 5-4
WHL Playoffs First Round
Conner Bleackley RD MH 1 0 1 -2 0 L, 3-5


North Bay wins series over Kingston 4-0.

London leads Kitchener in series 3-1.

Medicine Hat leads Red Deer series 3-1.